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Resistance Welding compacting is ideally suited for stranded wires. It applies an even, intense and massive compression. Compared to ultrasonic methods, the surface of a resistance welding wire is even and not curled.

MacGregor Welding Systems has acquired extensive knowledge in compacting, brazing, strand welding and insulated wire welding and offers a wide range of equipment for typical applications, such as: sensors in the electronics industry, Y connectors in the solar and automotive industries and enamelled wires for motors and high frequency.

MacGregor Welding Systems can provide many applications to join cables with large dimensions for the automotive industry. The two-step process consists of compacting and brazing. The proven application is a so-called intelligent battery sensor which allows battery power management. The result is a robust joint with very high strength and perfect electrical connection over the product lifetime. The cable is contacted directly to the sensor tab without any additional part.


Compacting Benefits:

  • Evenly compacted compression, no individual strands in compacted area

  • Even and non-curled wire surface

  • Meets the specific welding requirements of sensors, Y connectors and enamelled wires perfectly and repeated

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