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Resistance Welding

MacGregor Welding Systems offers a full range of resistance welding equipment including welding power supplies, welding heads, real-time weld monitors and accessories. The welding heads are available in three basic models with opposed, parallel gap and twin electrode configurations. Force ranges from just 2 N to 500 N to address both fine and large-scale spot welding applications.

Real-time weld monitors - also called weld checkers - are invaluable tools for production monitoring, process development and weld quality analysis. Weld monitors measure one or more of the electrical and/or mechanical parameters that dynamically change during the welding process, including weld current, voltage drop across the electrodes, workpiece expansion and deformation, electrode force, electrode displacement (movement) and more.

Resistance welding is a thermo-electric process in which heat is generated at the interface of the parts to be joined by passing an electrical current through the parts for a precisely controlled time and under a controlled pressure also called force.

Resistance Welding