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Resistance Welding Electrodes

MacGregor Welding Systems offers a wide range of electrode rods and ready-made electrodes including copper, molybdenum and Glidcop.


Welding Electrodes

MacGregor offers a comprehensive line of standard and custom electrodes for most micro-welding applications. A wide variety of welding electrode shapes and materials are available that are suitable for use in all standard equipment models and brands. A full range of conventional welding materials are available.

It is imperative to perform regular electrode maintenance to ensure that the quality and characteristics of the connection remain stable and constant. MacGregor Welding Systems provides several easy-to-use Electrode Maintenance Tools that ensure the electrode cleaning and setup is quickly and effectively accomplished with minimum down-time.

Electrode primary material types:

  • RWMA-02 Copper-Chromium
  • RWMA-03 Copper-Cobalt-Beryllium
  • RWMA-11 Copper-Tungsten
  • RWMA-13 Tungsten
  • Molybdenum
  • Glidcop® : Aluminium Dispersion Strengthened Copper


Customized Resistance Welding Electrodes Solutions

Send your sample to one of our technology centers in Europe for an evaluation. We will then determine which solution meets your needs best. MacGregor Welding Systems offers feasibility testing and application consulting.