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Spot Welding

MacGregor Welding Systems offers a variety of resistance welding methods. In spot welding, the parts that are to be welded lie on top of each other with their surfaces touching, in point or line form.

The welding current is supplied by the spot welding electrodes. When the welding temperature is reached, the parts are welded in spots at their contact points between the electrodes by the electrode force.

Spot Welding Applications:

Spot Welding Applications

Spot Welding Benefits:

  • This resistance welding method allows a wide range of material types and shapes to be joined precisely, reliably and quickly.
  • Sheets, sections, strips, stampings, wires or strands are welded very accurately between pointed electrodes.
  • To avoid unwanted deformation on the outer surface of the workpiece, the contacting electrode is designed to provide the largest possible contact surface with this method.
  • Multiple welding heads are a feasible solution to apply multiple spot welding contacts and increase the joint intensity and accuracy.
  • Spot welding is a proven long-lasting method to join workpieces  with a broad range of available weld heads.